Xoán Carmona Badía

Professor of History and Economic Institutions at the University of Santiago since 1990. His research work initially focused on maritime and industrial history, later expanding it to business history and industrial heritage. Among their books we can highlight El empeño industrial de Galicia. 250 años de historia (2005), in which he shared authorship with his teacher, Dr. Nadal Oller. He has coordinated three volumes of business history in which most part of GESPIC took part, and which constitute an interesting sample of the group’s work, under the title of Empresarios de Galicia (2 volumes, 2006 and 2009)) and Las familias de la conserva (2011). His latest book, from the year 2020, is Grupo Davila. Un siglo de liderazgo en el sector marítimo, 1917-2017. Concerned about the need for our work to jump over the walls of the faculties and reach as far as possible the protagonists of economic and business history, he has developed various dissemination and transfer tasks, collaborating with companies and institutions in very diverse initiatives, as can be seen in other sections of this website.

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